Mirrors & Gifts


The way I think photography is like a complementary part of my poetry attitude and way of living.

I tried to reject and deny both of them, some time ago, but finally I give up, as they are not merely things-I-do but rather ways-I-am

Or, actually, I'm thinking in such a way.

I'm trying to translate into these works my own way of thinking - and watching at -  the world and the mankind.  I hope that when I look at this site, as a common visitor (as you are), I can discover something of me, of my soul, of my existence, of my life.

No, please, stop here. I know. That's the point where everybody goes out of way, and words get misunderstood.

I don't want to way that you can discover something of me by only looking at this site. That's clearly impossible. I'm a mystery to myself, as you are a mystery to yourselves and to me, of course.

Every human being is a mystery to his own thought ad feelings. But we are lucky.

We all together share places, and voices, and thoughts, and feelings. So every piece of our artistic works, our personal ways to look at the world and go creating our visions through matter, is a gift for ourselves and for others. Every photo, every poetry (and every picture, or sculpture, or jewel, or artifact) is a gift. It's a gift  similar to a mirror. When an artist gives his creation to the world, he gives a mirror-gift to human kind. It's a possibility for himself and for other people to look at the world in a different way, from another perspective, from a new point of view that suits differently one each other.

So, these are my mirrors. A gift for me, first of all. And for you all. And that's the reason for I hope that, by looking inside these mirrors, you can find a spark, just a little spark, of your deep soul.

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