I took  these portraits during my last trip to the Omo Valley, in December 2017. On the evening of December 28th I arrived with my guide Ayeto in the village Kara, built on a hill overlooking one of the beautiful bends of the river Omo. After meeting the villagers and staying in my tent, the next morning I took a series of photographs of men, women, boys and girls of the tribe, in different contexts and situations. The Kara paint their bodies and faces (often trying to imitate the plumage of pharaoh hens) with white lime, clay, iron powder, coal ash or wood. For this portfolio I chose black and white photographs, taken shortly after dawn, to enhance the tribal paintings with which these beautiful natives adorn their bodies and their faces and to capture the incredible light of the morning on their bodies and faces. The high contrasts of black and white, lights and shadows, are combined with the mixed looks between pride and sweetness of the people of this tribe.